Welcome to ARS Products!

Our new location is:

43 Lathrop Road Ext.

Plainfield, CT  06374

Phone: 860-564-0208

ARS Products is your source for Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Distribution, Switching Equipment, Specialized Beamsteering, Beamforming Equipment, Cancellers, and Receiver Dynamic Range Extensions.  Our equipment is typically used in:

Head End/ Downlink Sites

Transmission/ Uplink Sites

Signal Collection & Distribution

Direction Finding


The engineering team at ARS Products has over 100 years experience directly serving its market segments.  We frequently package our repertoire of technologies consisting of radio frequency, command and control, analog, and digital communications into custom application specific products.  Further, we constantly experiment with new emerging technologies to evaluate their potential and benefits, while continuing to develop our own new technologies and products to ensure the company remains at the industry forefront.

While many competitors claim to have Research and Development, few put it into practice until a customer submits a purchase order.  Because we regularly investigate and develop new technologies and products before the marketplace needs surface, we’re more than ready when that purchase order comes in.  In this way, we are able to provide our customers with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions in the most timely manner, and at very competitive prices.  It’s this forward thinking and staying on the cutting edge that our company motto, “Inventing for Tomorrow” comes from.

We always say, “The Proof is in the Products”, so contact us today and let us help you through your next generation’s requirements.  We know you will appreciate the ARS difference.