Routers, Switch Matrices, Remote Patch Panels

What Are They?

Integrated systems that can route (locally or remotely) multiple source signals (antennas, front-ends, etc.), to multiple destinations (receivers, modems, etc.).  Some architectures allow for the simultaneous distribution to multiple destinations.

Not All Signal Routing Systems Are The SameOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are many ways for a signal to get from Point A to Point B.  The topology selection has a direct bearing on the functionality the switch matrix can provide in a customer’s application.  See the Appendix section of this website for more information.

Typical Applications

Test equipment routing typically uses Non-Blocking Architectures (Fan-Out=1).  Reception service providers typically use Full-Fan-Out architectures.  Earth stations typically use Full-Fan-In and Full-Fan-Out architectures.

Understanding Other Key Performance Needs

Other key factors in the selection of the switching system must also include balancing dynamic range and isolation.  Typically Front End Routers require the highest inter-modulation performance, with mid-level isolation (50-70 dB).  Intermediate Frequency (IF) Routers require mid-level inter-modulation performance, with higher signal isolation (60-90 dB).

In concept, the signal flow is quite simple; just route the signal from Point A to Point B.  This is where the simplicity ends.  In order for the signal to arrive at Point B with the highest fidelity, it must pass through amplification and switching circuits that introduce minimum distortion.  The primary goal is high dynamic range: the lowest noise figure, and the highest inter-modulation intercept points.

Switch Matrix Features

Easy to Live With- Many ARS Products switch matrices are modular.  This allows quick configuration and rapid serviceability.  A key feature is quick access to power supply modules.

High Dynamic Range- The lowest noise figure with the highest inter-modulation intercept points.  ARS Products designs and manufactures specialized amplifiers and switch circuits to address systems that require or benefit from high performance levels.

Routing Topologies- Getting signals from Point A to Point B (and C and D).  ARS Products utilizes several topologies including Klos Architectures.  ARS Products delivers high performance solutions at economical prices.

Select Product Data Sheets



Frequency Range

Model 217

RS422/V.11 Data Routing Hub

DC – 128KBPS

Model 218

16 x 16 Extended Bandwidth Video Router

DC – 250 MHz

Model 221

16 x 16 Audio Router

20 Hz – 100 KHz

Model 234

Telemetry-Video Distribution Matrix

DC – 250 MHz

Model 240

RS232/V.28 Data Routing Hub

DC – 19.2KBPS

Model 301

IF Distribution Matrix/ Remote Patch Panel

10 – 200 MHz

Model 302

Intermediate Frequency Combining Matrix

10 – 200 MHz

Model 303

IF Distribution Matrix

10 – 200 MHz

Model 304

HF Distribution Matrix

1 – 32 MHz

Model 307

VHF/UHF Distribution Matrix

10 – 1300 MHz

Model 308 (Gen II)

Ultra Wide IF Distribution Matrix

40 – 2200 MHz

Model 308J (Gen II)

Ultra Wide IF Distribution Matrix

40 – 2200 MHz

Model 310

IF Distribution Matrix/ Remote Patch Panel

10 – 200 MHz

Model 314

L-Band Distribution Matrix

900 – 2150 MHz

Model 319

L-Band Combining Matrix

900 – 2150 MHz

Model 321

Simplex DS1/E1 Monitor

DS1 (T1) or E1

Model 323

IF Distribution Matrix

10 – 250 MHz

Model 327

L-Band Distribution Matrix

900 – 2150 MHz

Model 328

IF Distribution Matrix

5 – 250 MHz

Model 345

L-Band Combining Matrix

950 – 2050 MHz

Model 353

VLF-HF Distribution Matrix

.01 – 30 MHz

This is just a sampling of the products we offer.
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