Receiver Dynamic Range Extensions


ARS Products creates specialized front-end devices that reduce receiver desensitizing without introducing inter-modulation distortion.  Products include non-reflective limiters, and frequency programmable notch filters.

ARS Products Notch Filters are designed to reduce radio front-end desensitization.  This process is achieved by selectively attenuating strong signals.  Front panel displays and controls allow users to easily make changes.

RF Signal Limiter Features

  • Does not distort the incoming signals or degrade the system’s impedance match
  • Does not reflect energy back to the antenna
  • Proportionately attenuates the incoming signals preserving the system’s linear performance and match
  • Intended for front-end protection in transmitter co-located environment
  • Units housed in a hermetic Kovar package

HF & VHF Notch Filter Features

  • Any notch can be set to any frequency in its appropriate band
  • Bypass mode allows for the removal of the filters
  • Units front panel permits local users to view and change notch frequencies
  • All functions and status are available through remote interfaces
  • User replaceable power supply module (front access)

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Frequency Range

Model 503FP

Non-Reflective HF Limiter

0.1 – 32 MHz

Model 504FP

Non-Reflective VHF Limiter

30 – 500 MHz

Model 505FP

Non-Reflective UHF-L Limiter

500 – 1200 MHz

Model 506FP

Non-Reflective UHF-H Limiter

1200 – 3000 MHz

HF Notch

Four Channel Programmable HF Notch Filter

2 – 30 MHz


Four Channel Programmable VHF/UHF Notch Filter

30 – 825 MHz

This is just a sampling of the products we offer.
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