Multi-Coupler & Distribution Amplifiers

What Are They?

Multi-Couplers & Distribution Amplifiers are products that are high dynamic range (low noise, high intercept) amplifiers that are used to drive large downstream systems.  A multi-coupler is a distribution amplifier (single input) with multiple outputs.

Product Features*Multi-Couplers Pic

  • Main chassis includes power supply, display, and control
  • Front panel displays the health/ status of the chassis and its power supplies
  • The unit may be remotely controlled from the available communication ports
  • Multiple connector options available for several models
  • Many units are customizable with different numbers of inputs available
  • *Some features only available in certain models.

Models Available For

  • Distribution of IF signals for a downconverter
  • Distribution of video signals from demodulators
  • High Frequency multi-couplers
  • Microwave multi-couplers

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Frequency Range

Model 158

Microwave Multi-Coupler

1 – 18 GHz

Model 160

High Frequency Multi-Coupler

1 – 32 MHz

Model 195

VHF/UHF Multi-Coupler

20 – 3000 MHz

Model 701

High Frequency (HF) Distribution System

1 – 32 MHz

This is just a sampling of the products we offer.
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